What we are hearing from our parents...

“For years our daughter struggled in the regular school system but since her full time attendance at Horizon, she has blossomed,
like a spring flower. Guided by an unbelievably talented and caring group of teachers and assistants, she
now enjoys a personalized academic and social plan that is practiced each minute of each hour of each day at school.”

“We were very happy to be able to move out of a big city to a smaller community and still have our daughter attend an exceptional school for special needs.”

“Horizon School is a wonderful learning facility that has changed our lives.”

“Horizon School has been the best thing for my son. He has advanced more in the four years at Horizon than he did
in all the previous years in the regular school system. And the best part - he is happy here!"

“It is the most loving environment for our son to learn in.”

“Horizon School is truly a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for children with special needs. We are 100% confident that
Evan is in the right place and with people who really care. It is a very special place.