The CESD policy regarding inclement weather applies to our school. However, our buses do not run when the actual temperature is –25 C. Our school will remain open for instruction unless directed by the Superintendent of Schools.

Yellow days – the days when busses might not run but Horizon school remains open.  On Yellow days, we anticipate that the majority of people will be able to drive to Horizon school and that learning will proceed as it normally does. Here is an example of a Yellow day: Days when there is an ambient temperature of -25 degrees temperature or below in the morning, but the weather is relatively fine for the rest of the day. This type of weather may disrupt bus service, but our staff and our parents can often travel safely simply by arriving a little later.

Red days – Horizon School will be closed on the days when we are faced with a full blown blizzard, if we are experiencing freezing rain, fog, or when we still have a combination of heavy snow, highwinds, and very low visibility. On Red days, to ensure the safety of everyone at Horizon, we will close the school not only for students, bus also for staff. School closure days will be communicated the evening prior or early in the morning, before 6:30 a.m. whenever possible, through local radio stations, through Alert Solutions announcements directly to parents, through our Chinook’s Edge website, Facebook and Twitter.

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      Policies and  Administration Procedures Manual:

      Section 1-13/ Inclement Weather