The programming at Horizon School is designed to meet the individual needs of every student. Each student has an Individual Program Plan (IPP) designed collaboratively by teachers, parents, and specialists. Each student has IPP goals under the unbrellas of independence, communication and physical strength and mobility.

Under the umbrella of independence, students may be working on such things as:
  •  work experience
  •  functional academics
  •  leisure skills
  •  grocery shopping
  •  banking
  •  manners and social skills
  •  choice making
  •  food preparation and cooking

Under the umbrella of communication, students may be working on such things as:
  •  speech
  •  communication devices
  •  following directions
  •  questioning
  •  survival words and skills
  •  sign language
  •  writing
  •  pic symbols

Physical Strength and Mobility
Under the umbrella of physical strength and mobility, students may be working on such things as:
  •  individual physio programs
  •  adapted phys ed
  •  exercise programs
  •  walking
  •  swim programs
  •  team games and sports
  •  bowling and other activities